Longtime Madison bassist and composer John Christensen took his time to release his debut album, but the wait makes the fruit of this labor all the more enjoyable as his quartet traverse diverse musical terrain that sound not quite like anything else and yet somehow familiar.

About John

John Christensen began his bass studies with Chris Wood in high school. After brief stints at Berklee College and North Texas, John moved to San Francisco and played in the burgeoning music scene during the late 90’s. There he learned and grew playing with Scott Amenodola, Jenny Scheinman, Liberty Ellman, Hal Stein, Mark Levine, Adam Levy, Slide Five, Vijay Iyer, as well as his own trio, Dam East. Since Moving to Wisconsin in 1999 John has played with numerous local artists and bands including Louka Patenaude, Alison Margaret, Anthony Deutsch, Tony Barba, Jonathan Greenstein, Anders Svanoe, Johannes Wallmann and Harmonious Wail. John also is a co-counder of the band Lesser Lakes Trio with longtime collaborators Devin Drobka and Jamie Breiwick. Also has shared the stage with such luminaries as Maria Schnieder, Miguel Zenon and Russ Johnson. John has been an adjunct professor at UW Platteville and has taught throughout the midwest. John’s Atlas project with Johannes Wallmann, Dave Miller and Andrew Green is scheduled to release an album on Shifting Paradigm Records in June 2018.

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